Adrienne Haan

Liberation 75 Toronto, Canada


Tehorah, which means “pure” in Hebrew, is a heartbreaking, promising musical story about war, loss, hope, love and forgiveness. The soirée contains German, Yiddish and Hebrew songs that were composed and written exclusively by Jewish composers and lyricists; but at the same time Tehorah is a historical-poetic portrait. First performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, the concert now commemorates the 75th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust and sends out a message of hope for peace among the nations.

Under the patronage of the German Consulate General in Toronto.

Adrienne Haan (Musical Direction and Script)

Heinz Walter Florin (grand piano)

Accompanied by the Diplomatic String Quartet Berlin.

Matthias Hummel (1st violin)
Felix Klein (2nd violin)
Ernst Herzog (viola)
Ariane Spiegel (cello)

Interviews with Adrienne Haan and Dr. Felix Klein, Antisemitism Commissioner of the German Federal Government

This is an ONLINE event that can be live streamed from anywhere in the world.

The concert was video taped at the Chamber Music Hall at the Beethoven House in Bonn, Germany.

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