Adrienne Haan

Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, Germany

Film and book in comparison, how does Heinrich Mann’s novel Professor Unrat or The End of a Tyrant, a bitter satire about the German bourgeoisie at the turn of the century and its film adaptation, differ?

The focus of the joint event organized by the German Literature Archive in Marbach and the Spoken Arts Festival is the comparison between Heinrich Mann’s novel and the film by Josef von Sternberg. In the film, Rath violates the rules of society and ultimately breaks under the circumstances. In the novel he runs into self-inflicted misfortune: all his life he had submitted to bourgeois values ​​and acted out his aggression towards his students, now after his dismissal from school he attacks the bourgeois order and celebrates wild parties. The pillars of society gather at his house to gamble and forget their bourgeois manners. Rath enjoys the chaos he’s created. Is this anarchistic tendency of the novel missing in the film? Does the film show the fate of an individual and does without the social satire of the original? What is the difference between book and film and what do these differences do?

The songs from the movie “The Blue Angel” are sung by the great artist Adrienne Haan, accompanied by her long-time accompanist and partner on the piano, Benjamin Schaefer.

11 am

Details will follow soon.


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