Adrienne Haan

The Triad Theatre NYC

Adrienne Haan presents her new soirée Berlin, Mon Amour, celebrating the 100th Centennial of the Weimar Republic. On August 11, 1919, the Weimar Constitution was signed by then-president of the German Reich, Friedrich Ebert, which was the beginning of a new political and cultural movement in Germany, constantly threatened by failed uprisings of the left wing and attempted putsches of the right. This show includes German Cabaret Songs of the 1920s and early 30s, songs that were considered “degenerate” by the rising Nazi Regime in 1933 and therefore banned, due to Jewish creatorship. It features songs that Haan has not sung before as well as newly arranged and newly interpreted songs of former shows in a brand new setting, telling the story of the rise and fall of what was Germany’s first democracy: The Republic of Weimar!
It is a theatrical musical voyage, a “tour de force” about the struggle of feminism, the longing for freedom, trans-gender discovery, sexual liberation, and the demolishing of chains of the old traditions.

Introducing new-comer French Cabaret Artist Magali Dahan as special guest.

Featuring Richard Danley as MD, directed by Barry Kleinbort.

A soirée noire with erotic splendor.

Produced by Peter Martin and Joseph Barry.


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