Adrienne Haan

The Mary Rodgers Room (Dramatist Guild), NYC

Berlin,1940s: Neighbors, childhood sweethearts then star-crossed lovers, Hannah and Johann, are torn apart by the war on the eve of their engagement. He is forced to follow his family’s military tradition and becomes a German Officer. Hannah and her family, who are Jewish, are taken to a secret laboratory. Their lives are spared because Hannah’s father was a valued scientist. He is threatened with torture and death to himself and his family if he refused to collaborate on “The Uranium project” (das Uranprojekt), Germany’s attempt to build a nuclear bomb.
For the next three years, Johann and Hannah are unaware if the other had survived. Then through a twist of fate, on the final day, they are reunited. Only hours remain before liberation. But the Kommandant has orders from Himmler to eliminate everything and everyone that were part of “The Uranium Project”. Their love story began before the war. It may continue or it may end on the Final Day…

CAST BY PART: Alphabetical order                 

AVA: Adrienne Haan 

DOV:  William Michals

EINHORN: Michael Townsend Wright

HANNAH: Brittany Baratz 

JOHANN  Joey Nasta

MISNER: Jon Weber

NARRATOR:  Danny Curtis

SERGEANT:  Mark Bogosian

STEFAN:  Kevin Bapp

Richard Hillman Public Relations

DIRECTOR: Lou Scapati 


MUSIC DIRECTOR: Richard Danley


Reading is at 2 pm

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