Adrienne Haan

Pianoforte, Chicago

As part of 1700 Years of Jewish Life in German Speaking Lands (321-2021)

Featuring MD Richard Danley on piano

A diabolical Weimar Berlin Cabaret depicting Berlin during the 1920s: A time of change, challenge, experiments and when traditions went down the drain. With the First World War lost and the Kaiser in exile, Germany began to experiment with a new form of government: the Weimar Republic is born and with it a nation longing for latitude. 
Come and celebrate the Golden Age, the dance on the volcano between the two World Wars, a time of creativity, art, music and culture, the women’s movement, and gay liberation. Haan re-lives this bodacious period probing the ties between feminist struggle and female glamour, taking you on an enchanting musical voyage through history.


Press quotes:

Haan is the First Lady of Cabaret! (Wolf Entertainment Guide)

Not your aunt’s feminism for sure! (The Huffington Post)

Her voice power and variety are second to none. Brava! (Berliner Morgenpost)

One of the best kept secrets in the world of intellectual solo entertainment. (Luxemburger Wort)

Ms. Haan mesmerized me throughout the whole show. Brilliant voice, provocative, heroic female persona, glamorous presence! (LIVELY-ARTS, NYC)

Powerful, emotive voice. (Theaterlife, NY)

A powerhouse entertainer who knows how to capture her audience. (Cabaret Scenes, NY)

With the kind support of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chicago.

Private event



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