Adrienne Haan

The Triad Theatre NYC

Adrienne Haan is “The First Lady of Cabaret!” (The Huffington Post)
The First Lady of Cabaret, Adrienne Haan who just appeared at Carnegie Hall and is back from her international tour in Europe and Africa, is happy to once again present her ONE WORLD show in NYC in 13 languages! This show has the goal to express that we are indeed ONE WORLD and that we all are sharing this planet. Adrienne builds bridges among the nations and this soirée is more important than ever. This highly entertaining variety show is funny and smart. She has received high praise for ONE WORLD in NYC last year and many rave reviews.

2022 Review of ONE WORLD:

Haan has recently performed in the USA, Europe, Israel, Turkey, China, Australia, Africa, South America and South Africa and a lot of languages and world music have influenced her career. She continues to thrill audiences world-wide as well as in NY and is happy to share her multilingual feast of international music with the New Yorkers at her home base, the Triad Theatre. This show includes songs in English, German, Luxembourgish, Swedish, Yiddish, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Mandarin and Zulu! 

With Richard Danley (MD) on piano and Mike Campenni on drums.

Produced by Peter Martin.


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