Adrienne Haan

Winterzauber Bad Kissingen, Germany

International chanteuse Adrienne Haan performs Rock Le Cabaret!, a modern rock opera featuring French chansons by Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour and Kurt Weill.
Haan is known as one of Europe and America’s most electrifying cabaret stars touring around the world. The program features a five-piece rock band building a bridge between classical French cabaret and rock music. She fuses Brel with Metallica, Piaf with Van Halen, Aznavour with the Bee Gees and Weill with Andrew Lloyd Webber for a performance filled with her personal stories and history to help enhance an evening of cabaret for a new generation.
“Ms. Haan has such a clear expression of passion that makes her songs sound new and chart topping.”
The band features Benjamin Schaefer on piano, Ralf Gessler on drums, Martin Behr on electric guitar, Markus Braun on electronic bass and Klaas Voigt on tenor sax and synth.

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